“I just wanted to say thank you for today. My son loved it and it was great to be outside and back to basics. See you next week”


“My child loves the sessions so much she likes to act them out when we get home!”


“Fabulous child-led and imaginative outdoor activities, enjoyed by parents and children alike. So far we’ve particularly enjoyed the den building for animal puppets (and the hot chocolate at the end of each session of course)”


“A great experience. My 3 year old really enjoyed himself and was immersed in the activities straight away. We’re definitely coming back for more forest fun”


“Really imaginative, my 3 year old loved the gruffalo walk this morning!”


“Both Viky and Bethan would ask my child what he thought about the things he was looking at or doing, which allowed him to use his imagination when replying. Which usually involves dragons, dinosaurs or crocodiles”


“My little boy loves coming to the sessions and getting to explore nature. Viky and Bethan are both fantastic and it is just a brilliant experience for young children!”


“Thanks so much for providing both the boys (little and overgrown!) with a shared activity that they have both loved!“

Out In The Aire