Benefits and Research


Nature leaders – we want to inspire our children to appreciate and respect their environment so they don’t lose connection with the natural world. We do this by facilitating purposeful play and learning activities to increase knowledge and understanding of the world around them. We create natural green leaders!

Social and leadership skills – children are provided with opportunities to development social and leadership skills through teamwork, play and problem solving activities. Even the simplest den building activity provides children with the chance to build social relationships with others and improve leadership skills.

Self-esteem and confidence – children have the freedom to create their own play and learning opportunities which helps to increase self-esteem and independence.

Physical – the woodland environment allows children to be more active, improve gross motor skills and practice fine motor skills through creative activities

Linguistic – the freedom to explore the environment empowers children to think independently, provokes curiosity and improves written and spoken language.

Cognitive – children are given many opportunities for active learning. Questioning, offering choice and empowers them to problem solve by themselves all promote cognitive development.

Risk taking – appropriate risk taking during play allows children to improve motor skills, balance and coordination and gain confidence in being physically active. It is so important for children to take reasonable risks so that they respect their environment and learn to safely play within it.

Skills and knowledge – children have the opportunity to learn about wild world, learn new skills and to become confident in the natural world.

Fun learning – most of all children are learning and having fun through self-directed play! Children love being in the outdoors and play is a hugely important part of their development. See what other families have said about this!


Want to learn more about the benefits of Outdoor Learning and Forest School? We have listed some of our favourite research materials and links that show how play and learning in the wild world really supports your child!

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