Out in the Aire’s ethos is based on respecting all of our children as individual learners and giving them the foundations to build their knowledge and skills through explorative play in the outdoors. We believe that the opportunities to access risk, problem solve, work as a team and questioning their environment all have a positive effect on children’s abilities and willingness to learn in later life.

Our programmes are based on the Scandinavian style of play and learning in the outdoors, also known as Forest Schools. Regular interactions in nature have been proven to support social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive learning through teamwork, risk taking and problem solving activities.


The Out in the Aire team provide exciting outdoor learning opportunities for children aged between 2 and 5 to build their confidence; social skills; communication; physical skills; motivation and concentration; and knowledge and understanding. We do this by allowing the children to explore their environment on their own or with others, taking risks to achieve their desired outcomes in safe ways. We also run holiday and family events throughout the year for ages 2-12. 

Each member of staff is dedicated to observing the children’s interests, then using these interests to enhance the play and learning taking place throughout the sessions. Every child that attends our sessions is treat as an individual and they are encouraged to take on their own play and learning.


The sessions we run are very relaxed, free flowing sessions that are largely planned around the children and their interests. Therefore we do not have a curriculum that we follow, but provide opportunities for the children to take ownership of their own play and learning.

As we are learning in the outdoors some of the opportunities we provide are based around the seasons such as bug hunting, pond dipping, nature walks, leaf rubbings, den building, leaf identification and natural arts and crafts.



We run weekly Monday and Wednesday sessions and fortnightly Saturday sessions which:-

  •         Are suitable for 2-5 years (under 3 years- parents/guardians/carers are asked to stay with the child/ren for the session. 3 years and over – children may be left with our experienced leaders)
  •         Consist of 6 week programmes taking place all year round
  •         Take place in a private woodland
  •         Include a mix of games, hands on experiences, adventures and story telling
  •         Help support social, emotional, physical, linguistic and cognitive learning through team work, risk taking and problem solving activities
  •         Are led by trained professionals
  •         Online learning diary – included in the session price!

Your first session is free and then £25 for 5 sessions/£30 for 6 sessions.

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